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The fleshy green spears of asparagus are both succulent and tender and have been considered a delicacy since ancient times. This highly prized vegetable arrives with the coming of spring, when its shoots break through the soil and reach their 9-11 inch harvest length.

In California, the first cutting of asparagus can occur as early as February, however, their season generally is considered to run from March through May. The growing season in the Midwest and East extends through July.

Did You Know?

"Asparagus is an ideal food for the health conscious.
It is low in calories and sodium and a good
source of potassium and dietary fiber."
Kabocha Squash

Called a Japanese pumpkin, Kabocha Squash began its history in Japan where it was favored for its sweetness and pleasing texture. Kabocha's hard, deep green skin, boasts exceptional flavor to those who have had the pleasure of tasting its succulent, naturally sweet flesh.

Kabocha squashes are available all year round, but the best flavored ones are harvested in the late summer and early fall. The flavor and texture is likened to that of a sweet potato crossed with a pumpkin.

Did You Know?

"Kabocha Squash is popular for its strong yet sweet flavor and
moist, fluffy texture, which is like chestnuts."